The residents of Wilgus hall had the opportunity to come to a celebration of women in culture. There was a Kahoot and a documentary showing all about femininity and important women around the world, all in different cultures.



 Phishing attempts happen all over campus, including Wilgus hall! Take a look at the phishing board to avoid some of the tell-tale signs of phishing attempts and what to do if you get one.



Today Dr.King, who teaches on campus, came to talk to Wilgus Hall about the evolution of Hip Hop and Rap culture. He showed residents a bunch of videos of what Hip Hop was in the 80s and then what it is in the present day. It was very interesting to see the evolution and talk about why Rap culture has moved in the direction it has.



Women’s History Month is March and the women of 1 East now have pad door decs to remind them of that. It is not something to be ashamed of to get your monthly gift. That monthly reminder that you are a woman is something that you should cherish and everyone should stop making such a taboo subject. So the ladies of 1 East now have cute little pads with glittery blood on them to remember how blessed we all are to be women.



Today the residents of Wilgus Hall had the chance to sit down and interact with a faculty member on our campus! Tim Juedes is a professor in the Forensic Investigation department. He answered all sorts of question from ones about the career fair coming up, and Chinese food preferences. He also talked a lot about life and what to and not do. It was a great opportunity to hear some real insight on life and the work force that comes after college life.




March 8th is International Women’s Day! The Atlas of Beauty is a published book that documents women from all over the world by photographs. RA Lee and RA Margaret decided to put up a visual representation of the documentation in the Wilgus lobby. Here you can see exactly where the women are from and their faces. Diversity is everywhere in our culture and in other cultures and this board shows everyone just that. Celebrate women and celebrate diversity.♥