Celebrate Women

March is Women’s History Month. Wilgus Hall is majority women and being a woman is always an important difference for all of us to celebrate. Love each other and love yourself. Celebrate women this March, and celebrate women everyday.




As college kids we spend a lot of time drinking caffeine and it’s important to know what caffeine does to your body. So the ladies of 1 East now have Coffee Cup door decs with facts about caffeine on them. Enjoy♥

Want to know where To find out more about the facts written on the cups, click the link here. CAFFIENE FACTS

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Happy Valentine’s Day

The ladies of 1 East get a special Valentine. Your RA wishes you a MEOWTAIN of happiness on this Valentine’s Day. Whether the ladies of 1 East have a Valentine or not everyone deserves to have a happy day today, and every day. Look at your homemade Valentine and remember you deserve to be happy with or without someone special in your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥


United We Stand: Lamarr Womble

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Last night the Ladies of Wilgus had the opportunity to hear from speaker Lamarr Womble. For the ladies who couldn’t attend the following will be highlights of his speech and the great information to take away from him.

  • When you give people opportunities, they can learn from those and this is the beginning of all dreams.
  • College isn’t meant to fill “your pail” but to light a fire instead.
  • Ever been told you can’t do what you love? Well if you don’t accept that, it won’t come true and you can push yourself to do whatever you desire in life.
  • The degree you earn cant define all your passions in life and is only the start of what you will/can do with your life and your passions.

The main take away from this speaker was to not loose your passion in life and don’t let others define what your passion is and how far it can take you. Strive for what you want and do what makes you feel fulfilled in this life.

Want more information? Click on this link. PassionForLeadership