First Impressions

Career Fair is just around the corner! Want to practice how to dress professionally? Ladies of Wilgus can now try outfits on the paper dolls and find out for themselves if what they chose was appropriate or not. Perfect chance to make sure they all make a great first impression!27336154_10213648396318424_680453062_o



A HUGE thank you to all the ladies who came to support my event last night. I hope that it was successful in helping you determine what you should and should not wear to interviews, along with some helpful ways to fix any non-interview wear.

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Resume Helpers

  I hope everyone put these wonderful brochures to use for the career fair! This brochure is packed with terms and phrases to make you have a stand-out resume compared to the competition! I hope this brochure helps you and continues to help you write your professional documents and helps you land those oh-so important job and internship interviews this summer!

What’s your digital footprint?

  Digital footprints is basically what you post,say or do online. And since what you post to the Internet is there forever, you leave your “footprint”. Employers do look at your social media pages to see what type of person you are. Are you very angry and negative on the Internet? If employers see that they may not want to hire you. This bord guides you through what digital footprints are and things to think about the next time you post online 🙂 happy posting! You never know who will see it!

Career Fair

Hey everyone! Are you looking for an internship or full time job or just want to get your name out there?! There are two days left in the Fall career fair! This board will give you some quick tips such as how to dress professionally or an outline for an amazing resume! I want  to help you all do the best you can and hopefully help you get your foot in the door and impact your future! Many students go to this every year and companies love UW-Platteville students! Help change your future for the better and go to the career fair! For more information just type in career fair on the school website!