As college kids we spend a lot of time drinking caffeine and it’s important to know what caffeine does to your body. So the ladies of 1 East now have Coffee Cup door decs with facts about caffeine on them. Enjoy♥

Want to know where To find out more about the facts written on the cups, click the link here. CAFFIENE FACTS

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Need a tutor or want to get involved with the Women in Stem program? Well the campus provides lots of resources for all types of things you might need while here at UW-Platteville! Check out the resource board, and take what you need. Just please return it when you’re done with it for the next person!




For all the ladies who missed out on the great opportunity to see Monti Washington yesterday speak, I wanted to make sure that you all at least get the opportunity to know the main focuses of his speech. I found this United We Stand speaker to be one of the best ones the campus has had yet and everything he had to say was valuable.

1. Be Confident

2. Be tru, be you

3. FLY: First Love Yourself

4. Tell yourself everyday, that you are the sh*t

Monti Washington came from the streets to the stage and made his life what it is today. Here are some links to his pages to learn more about him and his process for you to do well in life and school. I encourage you all to look at the links and watch the videos.

Monti on Youtube

CIA Link

Truality Link