April Fools’ Day

In honor of April Fools Day, instead of pranking, you all get to learn how the "holiday" came to be as well as how it differs in each country. Holiday is in quotes because April Fools Day technically isn't a national holiday. Check out your wing mate's doors too because no two door decs have... Continue Reading →


If Cats Made Valentines Candy

Why not spice up the Valentines Day candy hearts with what your cat might say on them? After all, these candies have been around since 1861! These hearts used to be larger with longer sayings, but as they became more popular, the company made them smaller with shortened phrases, in 1902. Most of these shortened... Continue Reading →

Study Buddies!

Do you need a study buddy or homework help? Write your name, room number, the class, and what you need help with or just that you want a study buddy. If you can help someone who posted on this, all you have to do is comment next to it saying you can! Don't forget we... Continue Reading →


What are your academic goals this semester? A good goal is specific but not too specific. To set realistic goals you should evaluate the talents and skills you have as well as those you need for the class/career/end goal you're interested in. You then need to be realistic with your goals. Once you know the... Continue Reading →

Sticks of Success

Do you like free stuff? Do you like to be rewarded and recognized for your hard work? Well, you now have the ability to be granted all three at once. In order to become part of this amazing opportunity, all you need to do is show me you received a 92% or higher on a... Continue Reading →

These Are Halloween Facts! 🎃

Halloween is right around the corner, so here are some statistics gathered from last years halloween! Did you know there is an average of 41 people that get hurt in Halloween related house fires? Or that 62% of parents admit to eating their kids candy? If these facts intrigue you, check out this bulletin board... Continue Reading →


Congratulations Wilgus! Monday night, Wilgus brought home the first place trophy for Homecoming Trivia. The members of our hall have quite the diverse knowledge set. Whether it be what BMW stands for, who the cleaning robot in The Jetsons was, what a group of crows is called, or who voiced Mater in the movie Cars,... Continue Reading →


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