Hey ladies! Check out this board all about your brain and sleep! There are some really important facts, just in time for finals and to really think about how much sleep you’re getting.



Want to know why everyone eats all that green stuff? Well read up on the GO GREEN board for some facts about the benefits of eating GREEN! Also, greens help with EMOTIONS! It’s getting close to the end of the year, slipping in a few veggies before finals might just help!



Thanks to all my ladies who came! Jen gave a great informational speech!



For all the ladies who missed out on the great opportunity to see Monti Washington yesterday speak, I wanted to make sure that you all at least get the opportunity to know the main focuses of his speech. I found this United We Stand speaker to be one of the best ones the campus has had yet and everything he had to say was valuable.

1. Be Confident

2. Be tru, be you

3. FLY: First Love Yourself

4. Tell yourself everyday, that you are the sh*t

Monti Washington came from the streets to the stage and made his life what it is today. Here are some links to his pages to learn more about him and his process for you to do well in life and school. I encourage you all to look at the links and watch the videos.

Monti on Youtube

CIA Link

Truality Link


We all know it is that time of the year, and everyone is majorly stressing right now because it’s FINALS WEEK! SO instead of popping those stress zits, pop some bubble wrap instead or drink some tea. There are many ways to relieve stress that I’m sure many of you haven’t tried yet, so I put just a few ways on this board to maybe help you relax a little this week. I know studying is your main priority this week, but please remember to eat, sleep, and spend some time relaxing and giving your brain break. Being healthy is an important part of doing well on finals. Stay healthy this week ladies♥15644509_10210171933809034_909438968_n.jpg


Remember to take a look at the closing info posted all throughout Wilgus Hall. And good luck on finals Ladies! Knock em’ dead!



In time for the holidays, I wanted to spread some German tradition around the wing! Every year since I was a little girl I’ve always hid a pickle ornament on the tree so I wanted all my ladies to do something like that in the hall! So I made you all happy pickle cut-outs that I want you to color and decorate however you want, then put them on our 1 East tree! There are also extra pickles for anyone who wants to decorate one! My goal is for the tree to be covered before we leave for break. I also put up a little background on the German pickle tradition. ♥15281185_10210002034401655_1935913526_n.jpg15320315_10210002034161649_2136568740_n.jpg


Tomorrow night is the night! Come down to the basement (the event will no longer be in the LCCR, but just in the basement in one of the lounges) and get tatted up! Bring your friends too, I have plenty of henna to go around! I am also going to be giving a little background on henna tattoo too! Hope to see all my beautiful ladies there! ♥15049975_10209771192910762_1927953473_n.jpg


It is our right as women to go out and vote for how we want our futures to turn out. Voting is coming up next week so I felt it would be important to remind you all of the date! November 8th! You can vote right here on campus in Ullsvick Hall and all you have to do to register, is print out your info on PASS and bring it with you. If you have any more questions, come see me 🙂14938028_10209686516593907_1789728076_n.jpgvotes-women.jpgf574b7_9e657110899e2a5f159c86a76a67c656.jpg_srz_498_498_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz.jpegwomen-vote.jpgvoting-women.jpg


Tonight was the WOMENS’ WELLNESS INTEREST COMMUNITY event Condom Sense! There wasn’t as many ladies as we hoped for, but I want you to all know that you can always come to me about questions when it comes to sexual health. A big thanks goes out to Melissa Stoner for leading this event and giving us some great, Condom Sense.


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