These Are Halloween Facts! 🎃

Halloween is right around the corner, so here are some statistics gathered from last years halloween! Did you know there is an average of 41 people that get hurt in Halloween related house fires? Or that 62% of parents admit to eating their kids candy? If these facts intrigue you, check out this bulletin board... Continue Reading →



Congratulations Wilgus! Monday night, Wilgus brought home the first place trophy for Homecoming Trivia. The members of our hall have quite the diverse knowledge set. Whether it be what BMW stands for, who the cleaning robot in The Jetsons was, what a group of crows is called, or who voiced Mater in the movie Cars,... Continue Reading →

Are You My Mummy?

Whether you are a freshman or a super senior, we all can have those moments when we get homesick. Missing your friends, family, pets, or anything else is extremely normal. Research shows that the feelings lessen from the first week of school to the sixth. If you'd like to learn tips and tricks for coping... Continue Reading →


Finals are just around the corner! It's time to start thinking about studying! Here are a few tips and advice to prep for finals week!


A great event to talk about Denim Day. Ask someone one day about their jeans.Take some time to look up the meaning and origin of Denim Day too.  


 Phishing attempts happen all over campus, including Wilgus hall! Take a look at the phishing board to avoid some of the tell-tale signs of phishing attempts and what to do if you get one.


As college kids we spend a lot of time drinking caffeine and it's important to know what caffeine does to your body. So the ladies of 1 East now have Coffee Cup door decs with facts about caffeine on them. Enjoy♥ Want to know where To find out more about the facts written on the... Continue Reading →

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