FUN and FREE STUFF EVERYWHERE! A greta event for students to go and decide what they want to do that night! There were all sorts of things like, bull riding, cotton candy, trivia, balloon animals, and henna tattoos. Lots of conversations were had about why each person chose the balloon animals they did and it... Continue Reading →


Gender Norms Party

Tonight Wilgus Hall hosted a gender norms party. Wilgus hall staff and some residents stimulated an actual party with mock drugging involved. Each resident got a drink and was sent off to enjoy games, music, and snacks. The residents learned how easy it was for someone to possibly slip something into your drink and how... Continue Reading →

United We Stand: Lamarr Womble

Last night the Ladies of Wilgus had the opportunity to hear from speaker Lamarr Womble. For the ladies who couldn't attend the following will be highlights of his speech and the great information to take away from him. When you give people opportunities, they can learn from those and this is the beginning of all... Continue Reading →


  Everyone starts the semester off the same way, with a new slate to work from. Sometimes having New Year's resolutions helps us along the way. Identifying what you need to work on is a powerful start. The ladies of 1 East now can all shine bright and inspire others by writing down their New... Continue Reading →

We’re All Animals

Everyone has their own quirks and everyone is their own individual. Which is why I wanted to make you all the animal of your choice as a door dec! I think animals are a great representation of who you are as a person and may show some similarities in your personalities! I hope you all... Continue Reading →

Taj Mahal Hoco2017

  The Taj Mahal! One of the Wonders of the World! So for Homecoming 2017 I chose the Taj Mahal for the wonder of our wing. I made you all mini Taj Mahals for you to decorate as you please. The man who created this wonder, created it as a gift to his wife. So,... Continue Reading →

Movie Night

Whip It was the movie. It shows a great deal of strength and determination and the willingness to be your own hero. You don't need the guy to make your dreams come true, you can do that all on your own. Thanks to the couple ladies who came to the event! I appreciate you!♥ You'll... Continue Reading →


MAKEUP DEMOS, BYOP, FACIALS, & CRAFTS This event was very relaxing and great for ladies who just wanted to relax and get a facial or treat themselves with some makeup demos and nail painting. There was also quilt squares that anyone could have made that will be alter put into a giant wall piece for... Continue Reading →

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