Taking a break from studying and doing some coloring is always good for mental health. Remember to take breaks and get the rest you need during finals week. Take a coloring sheet as a reminder!



Theres only a few weeks left for the ladies of 1 East and things can get really stressful. Stop by this board on your way out of the bathroom or on your way to and from the desk and just pop a few. I think you’ll be surprised how good it feels to relieve a little stress.



It’s starting to get colder, which means it’s Flu & Cold season! So if you haven’t already gotten your Flu shot, washing your hands is a great way to keep unwanted germs away from your body. I took the liberty of getting the floor nice smelling hand soap for everyone to use. I know sometimes the bathroom soap doesn’t always smell the greatest and dries out your hands. So I figured if I got you all something that smelled nicer and added a little moisture back into your hands, you’d want to wash your hands more! Once the soap runs out I’ll buy some more. If there’s a specific flavor/scent you like, let me know! Happy washing!



I made you all door decs a while back to help advertise donating blood! Now the campus is holding another blood drive to help save lives all over the world. There is going to be another blood drive the 24th – 26th of October. Please go if you’re able. To help understand the importance of donating I attached some info in the photos below. Take a look for yourself and maybe you’ll save someone’s life.

11am-5:30pm @ Velzy Commons, Ulsvick Hall (24th-26th of October)


Feelin’ Crabby?

Ever feel like something just isn’t right down there? or maybe you’ve never been tested for STDs before. Well this isn’t high school anymore and these diseases are a reality. I know they sound scary and are taboo to talk about openly but if you catch them they can easily be treated! Sometimes there aren’t many people you can talk to about STDs while still being comfortable, so I wanted to make this board for you especially with the fall cuddling season coming up. I made sure and got all the common STDs and their symptoms so that you can catch it early before long-term effects start to hurt your body. I also took the liberty to search close-by treatment centers/Dr. Offices. Also, Student Health Services can test you for FREE!

Don’t want to be caught looking at the STD board? Here are the Links to all the info on the board including symptoms and clinics to go to. Take a look and take care of yourselves.♥

Places To Go

Symptoms Link #1

Symptoms Link #2



Lately there has been some uncleanly things happening in the bathroom & I wanted to recognize these things by putting up a few signs to just remind you all to keep it clean.  It’s unhealthy for us all to have a dirty bathroom. This is your home away from home, so keep it clean please.♥16830447_10210745772194635_245097491_n.jpg

Support is everywhere

In stressful times sometimes a simple compliment or phrase is all we need to stay motivated and feel supported.For support I wrote a few things on the main mirror for everyone who comes out of the bathroom to see. If you have something positive and supporting to say, stop by my room and grab a mirror marker and write away. Everyone needs support this week, be kind to each other.♥



We all know it is that time of the year, and everyone is majorly stressing right now because it’s FINALS WEEK! SO instead of popping those stress zits, pop some bubble wrap instead or drink some tea. There are many ways to relieve stress that I’m sure many of you haven’t tried yet, so I put just a few ways on this board to maybe help you relax a little this week. I know studying is your main priority this week, but please remember to eat, sleep, and spend some time relaxing and giving your brain break. Being healthy is an important part of doing well on finals. Stay healthy this week ladies♥15644509_10210171933809034_909438968_n.jpg