Hey Ladies! Check out your new AVOCADO door decs! Just a little reminder to eat healthy! If you want more tips on how to eat healthy check out the link I added below!





Lately there has been some uncleanly things happening in the bathroom & I wanted to recognize these things by putting up a few signs to just remind you all to keep it clean.  It’s unhealthy for us all to have a dirty bathroom. This is your home away from home, so keep it clean please.♥16830447_10210745772194635_245097491_n.jpg

Support is everywhere

In stressful times sometimes a simple compliment or phrase is all we need to stay motivated and feel supported.For support I wrote a few things on the main mirror for everyone who comes out of the bathroom to see. If you have something positive and supporting to say, stop by my room and grab a mirror marker and write away. Everyone needs support this week, be kind to each other.♥



We all know it is that time of the year, and everyone is majorly stressing right now because it’s FINALS WEEK! SO instead of popping those stress zits, pop some bubble wrap instead or drink some tea. There are many ways to relieve stress that I’m sure many of you haven’t tried yet, so I put just a few ways on this board to maybe help you relax a little this week. I know studying is your main priority this week, but please remember to eat, sleep, and spend some time relaxing and giving your brain break. Being healthy is an important part of doing well on finals. Stay healthy this week ladies♥15644509_10210171933809034_909438968_n.jpg


For this bulletin board I wanted to make all the ladies of Wilgus aware of the dangers of being a female and menstration. I realize this is somewhat a taboo topic to talk about and weird to have a builtein board on, but I felt as though I made it light enough and cute enough for ladies to actually stop and read about anemia and toxic shock syndrome. Please take some time to read up because if not it could cause you DEATH BY PERIOD.14569813_10209421729014383_1753602005_n.jpg14397313_10209421729094385_724913490_n.jpg14543429_10209421729054384_89273858_n.jpg


Breast cancer is a serious thing, & considering October is breast cancer awareness month I think it’s important to dedicate a bulletin board to the understanding of the illness. You can find myths, facts, exams, and more on my board. Please take the time and read some of the information I posted. If you want more information or support please come talk to me or simply search breast cancer information on the internet and you’ll find dozens of helpful sites.