Celebrate Earth Day

A reminder to celebrate Earth Day in some way on April 22nd.




A great method to use for the monthly gift of woman hood and a great alternative to tampons to help support the environment even more and cut down on waste!


VW Beetles are a cute vintage way for me to remind all you ladies to be kind to the earth. Walking and biking are great alternatives to getting around and help clean up the air and prevent more pollution. Remember the UW system has buses that will take you around to stores like Walmart and ALDI, take the bus and save on gas while saving the environment too!




I decided I needed to stay with the city theme of Beijing! So I made all my lovely ladies cute panda door decs! Pandas are native to China and are exclusively found there. For a long time these beautiful creatures were endangered, but now thanks to people recycling and being kinder to the earth their status has changed to only VULNERABLE. This is still a risky spot for the pandas to be in but is slowly getting better. I want everyone to be aware of what they can do to help the pandas so below I have links to multiple websites. Enjoy & remember to recycle everyday! ♥

Link 1     Link 2     Link 3   Link 4



  With the end of the semester rolling around the corner you’re probably wondering what to do with all of your notes and homework you’ve harvested from the semester. Why not do something environmentally friendly??? Recycle all of those old assignments, give your notebook to a friend taking the class to reuse the notes and save paper, or start taking notes on your laptop to save paper!! One small move can help save trees and the planet from overfilling landfills.