Fairy Dogs

Now that we’re a couple weeks into classes, things start to really set in and the reality that you have to “adult” everyday is pretty real. I know not everyone finds comfort in animals or dogs specifically but this week it is important that you find comfort in something in and/or around campus. That is why I made you all these Corgi door decs! They are just a cute reminder to find comfort while living away from home. They are also known as fairy dogs and I thought it would be perfect for our wing theme of fairies!




April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To show my support, and to let all the ladies of Wilgus know I am here for support and that none of you are alone, I put up this board. I put statistics up right from the SAAM website along with the SAAM logo. The color for SAAM is teal and if you want anymore info or place to contact for support click on the link below. Remember you are never alone, there is support for everyone.

Click Me


Support is everywhere

In stressful times sometimes a simple compliment or phrase is all we need to stay motivated and feel supported.For support I wrote a few things on the main mirror for everyone who comes out of the bathroom to see. If you have something positive and supporting to say, stop by my room and grab a mirror marker and write away. Everyone needs support this week, be kind to each other.♥


Dorky Me Side

So I wanted all the ladies who go into our bathroom to feel appreciated and beautiful after every use. I bought chalk markers and wrote some sweet/dorky/inspirational things on our mirrors. I wanted to make sure that if everyone doesn’t get recognition and sweet compliments everyday from outside people, they should at least get it from me.♥ I’ll change them up every so often, and if you ever have any suggestions let me know and I’ll let you write one! P.S. they’re not easy to write with.

“You are amazing & don’t you forget it”


“A happy woman is a beautiful woman”

Love your friends

  With Valentines Day right around the corner and some of us may be single, some of us may not be, but don’t forget to show love to those who are still important to you, your friends! Sometimes it’s the little things that have the most effect on people and this board will show you a few ways to show your friends you love them just as much!

Monster Roommates

  Now that we are all back in our lovely Wilgus Hall it’s time to start sharing our rooms with other people once again, our roommates. Whether you’re best friends, or have newly met, these tips will help both of you keep your relationship as roommates strong so that hopefully no issues will happen between you two further down the road. If you want more help feel free to come ask me!