For attending events and HIT meetings over the past academic year, residents were awarded Wilgus Bucks. These bucks were used in a silent auction and to buy into bingo rounds this past Sunday. After traditional, black out, postage stamp, and diagonal only rounds, everyone who came won at least one prize. Congratulations winners and thanks... Continue Reading →


Closing Meeting Door Decs

Residents who attended our last wing meeting were given the option to receive a personalized door dec. Some awesome choices picked were a llama, saxophone, anything Bob's Burgers, and many requests for dogs! Don't worry, residents who weren't able to make the meeting but reached out to get filled in also received a personalized door... Continue Reading →

Diners, Drive-ins, and Chancellor Dennis

Wilgus Hall was visited by the chancellor last night and we had food to go with. While enjoying sloppy joes, milkshakes, grilled cheeses, fries, and more we learned more about the chancellor and about the future of campus. A few things we learned were that Brazil is the chancellor's favorite place he's visited, he has... Continue Reading →

Break Treats

For April Break I made bunnies for everyone with a surprise inside! If I'm unable to catch you, stop by my room to grab your cute treat. Attached is directions for how I made the origami boxes they sit in.

DIY Marble Mugs

Thank you to all who came down to participate in this creative event! We teamed up with Sheridan from 3 West and took mugs, nail polish, and cool water and made these awesome creations you see below. Being creative is a great stress reliever and has a plethora of health benefits, so if you were... Continue Reading →


Forget what you were told as a kid when coloring. It is okay to color outside the lines! Be different and be you.

Paint and Punch

What a great turn out last night! It was amazing to see such creativity and talent come together in one area. Unfortunately, I'm unable to post all of the paintings because there would be over 100 pictures, so here are just a few. Even the table doodles were great. Thank you for coming out, see... Continue Reading →

Wing Taco Dinner

What an awesome turn out. One east had such great conversations, yummy tacos (I hope), and bonded over professor stories that I forgot to take photos! To make up for that here are random taco memes from google. Also shout out to everyone who came because they all put their dishes in the sink and... Continue Reading →

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