Meme Canes

With finals around the corner, everyone deserves a laugh and sugar break. What better way than with candy canes and memes about them? Good luck on finals everyone!


Winter Fairies

The glitter winter fairies wish you good luck on studying for finals and a safe trip if you are going home this week!

Nightmare Before Christmas Decs

In honor of Halloween and the 20th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas movie, I've made door decs to match the bulletin board outside the lounge. Have a safe Halloween everyone!

Pawesome Memes 🐾

If you are having a bad day or just need a good chuckle, check out this pawesome bulletin board. Below are some memes that didn't fit.

Welcome Back Bash

Between the games, fruit, music, glowsticks, and cool lighting, we still had an awesome time in Dobson basement even though it was damp and rainy out. I hope everyone that was able to make it was able to unwind and relax from the first couple weeks of classes. Hopefully we will have better weather next... Continue Reading →

Meet Your New RA

Hello everyone, my name is Natalie and I'm a senior here at UWP. This will be my third year as an RA in Wilgus Hall. I went from 3rd floor to 4th, and now to you! I have more to share about myself besides my RA history, so if you want to learn more, explore... Continue Reading →

Comment Folder

Do you want to see a specific event put on? Or particular door decs/ bulletin boards? Something bothering you on the wing? Have forms to return but I'm not in? Well, the comment folder outside my door is the place to submit these if I'm not in. Feel free to let me know in person... Continue Reading →

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