I totally forgot about our WONDERFUL FNC! Thanks to all the Wilgus women who came to support Wilgus hall! This event was truly amazing, and a great opportunity to really express your own creativity and show us your skills as artists!




In time for the holidays, I wanted to spread some German tradition around the wing! Every year since I was a little girl I’ve always hid a pickle ornament on the tree so I wanted all my ladies to do something like that in the hall! So I made you all happy pickle cut-outs that I want you to color and decorate however you want, then put them on our 1 East tree! There are also extra pickles for anyone who wants to decorate one! My goal is for the tree to be covered before we leave for break. I also put up a little background on the German pickle tradition. ♥15281185_10210002034401655_1935913526_n.jpg15320315_10210002034161649_2136568740_n.jpg


I decided I needed to stay with the city theme of Beijing! So I made all my lovely ladies cute panda door decs! Pandas are native to China and are exclusively found there. For a long time these beautiful creatures were endangered, but now thanks to people recycling and being kinder to the earth their status has changed to only VULNERABLE. This is still a risky spot for the pandas to be in but is slowly getting better. I want everyone to be aware of what they can do to help the pandas so below I have links to multiple websites. Enjoy & remember to recycle everyday! ♥

Link 1     Link 2     Link 3   Link 4



Tomorrow night is the night! Come down to the basement (the event will no longer be in the LCCR, but just in the basement in one of the lounges) and get tatted up! Bring your friends too, I have plenty of henna to go around! I am also going to be giving a little background on henna tattoo too! Hope to see all my beautiful ladies there! ♥15049975_10209771192910762_1927953473_n.jpg


Tonight was the WOMENS’ WELLNESS INTEREST COMMUNITY event Condom Sense! There wasn’t as many ladies as we hoped for, but I want you to all know that you can always come to me about questions when it comes to sexual health. A big thanks goes out to Melissa Stoner for leading this event and giving us some great, Condom Sense.



Faculty emersion was a success! Thanks for all the ladies who came and made amazing shirts with Carole and I! Remember to wear your shirts on the 1st of November to celebrate DAY OF THE DEAD! And of course, I want a picture of everyone so come see me in your shirt! ♥ 🙂 Also if you ever want any of these pictures let me know and I’ll email them to you!! Have a great Halloween weekend and please be safe and remember if you ever need me I am here for you all. 14877855_10209651680763033_811375126_n.jpg14914549_10209651680563028_77076104_n.jpg14886191_10209651680243020_2031540310_n.jpg14886156_10209651679723007_213757021_n.jpg14877167_10209651678922987_1550379006_n.jpg14877031_10209651679523002_1548144017_n.jpg14793933_10209651679242995_2080198446_n.jpg