This event was very relaxing and great for ladies who just wanted to relax and get a facial or treat themselves with some makeup demos and nail painting. There was also quilt squares that anyone could have made that will be alter put into a giant wall piece for Wilgus hall. I feel like this was a great chance for everyone to express themselves and how much they love Wilgus or how much they love uteruses. 17140931_10210869732733571_1462209080_n17141538_10210869733013578_364517012_n17141334_10210869732893575_876428701_n17125033_10210869732813573_44723832_n



We all know it is that time of the year, and everyone is majorly stressing right now because it’s FINALS WEEK! SO instead of popping those stress zits, pop some bubble wrap instead or drink some tea. There are many ways to relieve stress that I’m sure many of you haven’t tried yet, so I put just a few ways on this board to maybe help you relax a little this week. I know studying is your main priority this week, but please remember to eat, sleep, and spend some time relaxing and giving your brain break. Being healthy is an important part of doing well on finals. Stay healthy this week ladies♥15644509_10210171933809034_909438968_n.jpg


In time for the holidays, I wanted to spread some German tradition around the wing! Every year since I was a little girl I’ve always hid a pickle ornament on the tree so I wanted all my ladies to do something like that in the hall! So I made you all happy pickle cut-outs that I want you to color and decorate however you want, then put them on our 1 East tree! There are also extra pickles for anyone who wants to decorate one! My goal is for the tree to be covered before we leave for break. I also put up a little background on the German pickle tradition. ♥15281185_10210002034401655_1935913526_n.jpg15320315_10210002034161649_2136568740_n.jpg


I decided I needed to stay with the city theme of Beijing! So I made all my lovely ladies cute panda door decs! Pandas are native to China and are exclusively found there. For a long time these beautiful creatures were endangered, but now thanks to people recycling and being kinder to the earth their status has changed to only VULNERABLE. This is still a risky spot for the pandas to be in but is slowly getting better. I want everyone to be aware of what they can do to help the pandas so below I have links to multiple websites. Enjoy & remember to recycle everyday! ♥

Link 1     Link 2     Link 3   Link 4