Lately there has been some uncleanly things happening in the bathroom & I wanted to recognize these things by putting up a few signs to just remind you all to keep it clean.  It’s unhealthy for us all to have a dirty bathroom. This is your home away from home, so keep it clean please.♥16830447_10210745772194635_245097491_n.jpg


Support is everywhere

In stressful times sometimes a simple compliment or phrase is all we need to stay motivated and feel supported.For support I wrote a few things on the main mirror for everyone who comes out of the bathroom to see. If you have something positive and supporting to say, stop by my room and grab a mirror marker and write away. Everyone needs support this week, be kind to each other.♥



So tonight I finally made the brownies that I promised to the ladies who went to the ONE LOVE seminars. There were leftovers so whoever had their doors open tonight got the rest. But, I wanted to make these brownies to show support for our one lovely resident Emily who is gluten intolerant. I feel as if it’s important for everyone to understand how gluten effects some people and their bodies. For more info click here!14658205_10209477101478660_1909992876_n.jpg14696763_10209477101398658_831893206_n.jpg


The weather is finally starting to cool off and today turned out to be an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. I just wanted to remind everyone to go out and get that extra breath of fresh air. I know you get it while you’re walking to class, but outside of class walks go out during a homework break and really just soak in some fall weather. It’s really good for stress. Also, it’s almost UGGS season ladies 😉

Dorky Me Side

So I wanted all the ladies who go into our bathroom to feel appreciated and beautiful after every use. I bought chalk markers and wrote some sweet/dorky/inspirational things on our mirrors. I wanted to make sure that if everyone doesn’t get recognition and sweet compliments everyday from outside people, they should at least get it from me.♥ I’ll change them up every so often, and if you ever have any suggestions let me know and I’ll let you write one! P.S. they’re not easy to write with.

“You are amazing & don’t you forget it”


“A happy woman is a beautiful woman”