CLOSING INFO IS UP! Please utilize this board and actually read it.

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To show my support, and to let all the ladies of Wilgus know I am here for support and that none of you are alone, I put up this board. I put statistics up right from the SAAM website along with the SAAM logo. The color for SAAM is teal and if you want anymore info or place to contact for support click on the link below. Remember you are never alone, there is support for everyone.

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Hey ladies! Sign up to be part of the Welcome Crew and help move everyone in. I know that doesn’t sound glamorous but you get to move in 2 days early and you get fed for free on both of those days! It’s great to meet all the new residents moving in too. Applications are at front desk! If you have any questions, ask me or another RA.17857979_10211217160059037_1324138584_n

Support is everywhere

In stressful times sometimes a simple compliment or phrase is all we need to stay motivated and feel supported.For support I wrote a few things on the main mirror for everyone who comes out of the bathroom to see. If you have something positive and supporting to say, stop by my room and grab a mirror marker and write away. Everyone needs support this week, be kind to each other.♥



Tonight was the WOMENS’ WELLNESS INTEREST COMMUNITY event Condom Sense! There wasn’t as many ladies as we hoped for, but I want you to all know that you can always come to me about questions when it comes to sexual health. A big thanks goes out to Melissa Stoner for leading this event and giving us some great, Condom Sense.