Making Memories

I forgot to add that on Saturday night myself and a few residents went to the lighting of the M! We had fun and created some great memories together. I hope I get the chance to make memories like these with the rest of you too. ♥14555651_10209544884253187_418413582_n.jpg14686099_10209529557870037_1122748656_n.jpg14658227_10209529557710033_1484656892_n.jpg



Thank you all for coming last night to the variety show and coronation to support me. I can’t explain the amazing feeling I had when I heard you all cheering for me and yelling my name. I truly adore you all and am so appreciative to have you all as residents. It made my heart melt that you all wanted pictures with me at the end. I don’t know how to thank you enough, maybe more brownies 😉 14699697_10209512614526464_1322155433_n.jpg14657760_10209512615206481_268253188_n.jpg14741746_10209512615326484_1367739323_n.jpg14657702_10209512615486488_1865838362_n.jpg14643075_10209512615126479_1218454528_n.jpg14686508_10209512615286483_137445251_n.jpg


I just want to thank everyone who came out to support me last night & a special thank you to all my 1 East residents! I love you all and have a great cheering section! So impressed and moved by you all, its amazing the support system you can create in just a month. Thanks again ladies! ♥ Hope to see you all tonight at the variety show to see who gets crowned UW-P Royalty!! P.S. see if you can find two photobombs lol 14643013_10209499484518222_850956652_n.jpg14686022_10209499484398219_2078050293_n.jpg14658219_10209499484478221_1058846040_n.jpg

& Homecoming Begins

Hanna working hard on the banner for homecoming! Everyone is welcome to come to the 1st floor lounge to help her *cough* cough*. Anyways, with homecoming coming up next week there is a lot of work for all the events left to do. We are going to need everyones help in making sure Wilgus hall wins this year!! 14542658_10209409372185470_806031814_n.jpg14543516_10209409372465477_1773538880_n.jpg14542651_10209409372225471_482466406_n.jpg