Little Dumplings

The last door decorations of the year are little dumplings. Something cute and colorful to end the year with!




A great method to use for the monthly gift of woman hood and a great alternative to tampons to help support the environment even more and cut down on waste!


Women’s History Month is March and the women of 1 East now have pad door decs to remind them of that. It is not something to be ashamed of to get your monthly gift. That monthly reminder that you are a woman is something that you should cherish and everyone should stop making such a taboo subject. So the ladies of 1 East now have cute little pads with glittery blood on them to remember how blessed we all are to be women.



As college kids we spend a lot of time drinking caffeine and it’s important to know what caffeine does to your body. So the ladies of 1 East now have Coffee Cup door decs with facts about caffeine on them. Enjoy♥

Want to know where To find out more about the facts written on the cups, click the link here. CAFFIENE FACTS

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