You Aren’t in Wonderland Anymore

Disney door decorations were requested and I thought it was a great opportunity to remind all my lovely ladies that you aren’t in wonderland anymore, you’re starting to become adults and are now immersed into the real world of adulthood. Responsibilities are endless but I know we can all make it out of the rabbit hole just like Alice did.




I made you all door decs a while back to help advertise donating blood! Now the campus is holding another blood drive to help save lives all over the world. There is going to be another blood drive the 24th – 26th of October. Please go if you’re able. To help understand the importance of donating I attached some info in the photos below. Take a look for yourself and maybe you’ll save someone’s life.

11am-5:30pm @ Velzy Commons, Ulsvick Hall (24th-26th of October)



National Coming Out Day is October 11th! Accepting diversity all through out campus is important and this board is a colorful reminder. There is a thing called a gender unicorn and that’s where I got my inspiration from. It’s important to accept differences in this world. I will also be giving you all a rainbow unicorn door dec because, who doesn’t like door decs!?


Fairy Dogs

Now that we’re a couple weeks into classes, things start to really set in and the reality that you have to “adult” everyday is pretty real. I know not everyone finds comfort in animals or dogs specifically but this week it is important that you find comfort in something in and/or around campus. That is why I made you all these Corgi door decs! They are just a cute reminder to find comfort while living away from home. They are also known as fairy dogs and I thought it would be perfect for our wing theme of fairies!



1 East Wilgus Hall Albums

  1. Go to events in Wilgus Hall or with your RA on campus
  2. Make sure your RA knows you went! Email her!
  3. Receive a mini polaroid to fill up your 1 East Album
  4. The most filled up album gets a prize at the end of the semester!!!