Fairy Dogs

Now that we’re a couple weeks into classes, things start to really set in and the reality that you have to “adult” everyday is pretty real. I know not everyone finds comfort in animals or dogs specifically but this week it is important that you find comfort in something in and/or around campus. That is why I made you all these Corgi door decs! They are just a cute reminder to find comfort while living away from home. They are also known as fairy dogs and I thought it would be perfect for our wing theme of fairies!




The week of April 17th-21st is SEVERE WEATHER AWARENESS WEEK. I made these sun and cloud door decs to remind you all to be safe and take a look at some of the online resources for emergency. Click on the link below to find those resources. I encourage you all to read up, because some of this info could just save your life. I want all my ladies to feel safe and at home here in Wilgus and I feel as if this is a good way for you all to feel secure.





VW Beetles are a cute vintage way for me to remind all you ladies to be kind to the earth. Walking and biking are great alternatives to getting around and help clean up the air and prevent more pollution. Remember the UW system has buses that will take you around to stores like Walmart and ALDI, take the bus and save on gas while saving the environment too!