FUN and FREE STUFF EVERYWHERE! A greta event for students to go and decide what they want to do that night! There were all sorts of things like, bull riding, cotton candy, trivia, balloon animals, and henna tattoos. Lots of conversations were had about why each person chose the balloon animals they did and it was a great way to get to know more people!


Today Dr.King, who teaches on campus, came to talk to Wilgus Hall about the evolution of Hip Hop and Rap culture. He showed residents a bunch of videos of what Hip Hop was in the 80s and then what it is in the present day. It was very interesting to see the evolution and talk about why Rap culture has moved in the direction it has.



Today the residents of Wilgus Hall had the chance to sit down and interact with a faculty member on our campus! Tim Juedes is a professor in the Forensic Investigation department. He answered all sorts of question from ones about the career fair coming up, and Chinese food preferences. He also talked a lot about life and what to and not do. It was a great opportunity to hear some real insight on life and the work force that comes after college life.



Gender Norms Party

Tonight Wilgus Hall hosted a gender norms party. Wilgus hall staff and some residents stimulated an actual party with mock drugging involved. Each resident got a drink and was sent off to enjoy games, music, and snacks. The residents learned how easy it was for someone to possibly slip something into your drink and how easy it is to loose track of your cup.

Also the documentary, Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution was played in the background towards the end of the event for residents to watch. The film is on Netflix and it is encouraged to finish watching the film. The link below is a little more information about the film and also has the film for you to watch on the site provided. It allows each resident to make their own opinions on the sexual revolution and gender norms that run our daily lives.

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution