Finals are just around the corner! It's time to start thinking about studying! Here are a few tips and advice to prep for finals week!



Theres only a few weeks left for the ladies of 1 East and things can get really stressful. Stop by this board on your way out of the bathroom or on your way to and from the desk and just pop a few. I think you'll be surprised how good it feels to relieve a... Continue Reading →


What men hear can hurt us all. This board is for all the residents of Wilgus hall to realize that some of the slang we say or phrases we use can affect not only the men in our lives but also the women. There is also a progression of masculinity throughout the years on the... Continue Reading →


 Phishing attempts happen all over campus, including Wilgus hall! Take a look at the phishing board to avoid some of the tell-tale signs of phishing attempts and what to do if you get one.


March 8th is International Women's Day! The Atlas of Beauty is a published book that documents women from all over the world by photographs. RA Lee and RA Margaret decided to put up a visual representation of the documentation in the Wilgus lobby. Here you can see exactly where the women are from and their... Continue Reading →


Ever met Professor Isbister? Well you should because she is a very smart and important part of our campus. She teaches tons of courses focused on women and gender studies. So in light of March being women's month 1 East can now get to know a little bit more about a very important woman on... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Women

March is Women's History Month. Wilgus Hall is majority women and being a woman is always an important difference for all of us to celebrate. Love each other and love yourself. Celebrate women this March, and celebrate women everyday.

Hall Involvement Team (H.I.T.)

Hall Involvement Team¬† Every Wednesday at 9PM Wilgus Hall Basement LCCR   Come create opportunities, friendships, and memories in a short meeting about the hall and your communities.

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