Faculty emersion was a success! Thanks for all the ladies who came and made amazing shirts with Carole and I! Remember to wear your shirts on the 1st of November to celebrate DAY OF THE DEAD! And of course, I want a picture of everyone so come see me in your shirt! ♥ 🙂 Also if you ever want any of these pictures let me know and I’ll email them to you!! Have a great Halloween weekend and please be safe and remember if you ever need me I am here for you all. 14877855_10209651680763033_811375126_n.jpg14914549_10209651680563028_77076104_n.jpg14886191_10209651680243020_2031540310_n.jpg14886156_10209651679723007_213757021_n.jpg14877167_10209651678922987_1550379006_n.jpg14877031_10209651679523002_1548144017_n.jpg14793933_10209651679242995_2080198446_n.jpg


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