I want to thank both of my ladies for running for a position on hall council! You both had great speeches and I knew you’d both succeed in both positions! So CONGRATS on both making it onto the committees you wanted! I can’t wait to see the ideas and changes you have to offer Wilgus Hall. Great things will come from you both and I’m extremely excited to be apart of it! And remember we need a hall representative too, to make sure everyone is informed of what’s going on, on our wing from week to week! So please keep that in mind and let me know if you’re interested! 🙂14408824_10209308813791573_1237601875_n.jpg14397859_10209308813671570_54150120_n.jpg14408770_10209308813951577_819606641_n.jpg14389804_10209308814151582_917754880_n.jpg14389954_10209308814191583_1987548879_n.jpg14397993_10209308814311586_62469264_n.jpg14389804_10209308814551592_320167092_n.jpg14397977_10209308814751597_240020353_n.jpg14429126_10209308815151607_1736106129_n.jpg14429359_10209308815271610_158384872_n.jpg


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