Curt Patrouille

curt_patrouille_posterLast Sunday your Wilgus Hall Staff went to go see Curt Patrouille, a UWP Alumus, and a Command Sargent Major in the National Guard share on how to overcome adversity in your daily life and keep a positive outlook. Curt told us about the many adversity’s he has had to overcome in this lifetime and how he managed to do so. Curt’s main points on overcoming adversity and developing resiliency were to hunt the good stuff, stop dwelling on the negatives, look at the positives, communicate as best as possible with everyone, and develop relationships. Essentially what Curt was saying to us all is that the first steps to overcoming adversity in life are to stop getting down on everything and start taking control of how things that happen make you feel.Curt also said to not let others dictate the meaning of success in your life, so if you feel you had an accomplishment on day and someone doesn’t, don’t let them get you down. You had that accomplishment whether they say so or not. Curt’t final words were, Do what’s right, dont sweat the small stuff, never stop learning, and that everyone has wolves. This discussion was mainly to help teach everyone that there are things that make life harder and stress us all, but there are ways to overcome these stresses and conquer them. So do your best, look on the bright side, and you’ll go far.

A book Curt suggested for people to read is ” Escape the box” by Edward Hobbard, which is about an airforce infantryman shot down over korea and held hostage.

If you want to know more please dont hesitate to ask me!


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