Blacklight Party!



Last night Wilgus and Melcher put on a blacklight party for Safety Week! The party consisted of dancing, black lights, glow in the dark hoola hooping, and mocktails! It was super fun watching everyone dance and get drinks mixed for them along with seeing glow sticks literally everywhere. About halfway through the party we stopped and turned the lights on to give everyone an educational speech on alcohol safety and awareness because we had a few “ninjas” walking around and slipping skittles candy into people’s drinks. These skittles represented the likely hood of someone being able to drug a persons drink if they weren’t responsible and watched their cups. We also had a large trifold board that showed the alcohol content of the drinks we were serving if they had been real. We also included a Blood Alcohol Content chart to show residents how many drinks it would take to put them into an unsafe BAC level limit. It was super fun and I hope everyone else had a great time!


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